e-Bike Event Horizon

( Alternate Title - We need to stop making disposable throw-away crap )

The foundation of the e-Bike Event Horizon theory is that people get
depressed when their next door neighbour get's a new e-Bike.

To cheer themselves up, they might buy themselves a new e-Bike.
Thus, as Boomers retire, demand for e-Bikes will rise.

In the critical condition, demand for e-Bikes rises faster than the capacity to make good-quality e-Bikes.
As e-Bike quality decreases, the demand increases further because cheap e-Bikes
wear out faster which results in the need for e-Bikes to be replaced more frequently
and as the demand increases, cheap mass production causes e-Bike-quality to drop even further.

What happens, is a spiral of increasing e-Bike demand and decreasing e-Bike quality.
Eventually, e-Bike demand out-strips e-Bike production, and when local
e-Bike shops are continously sold out. It becomes no longer convenient to buy from e-Bike-shops.
On-Line / Internet e-Bike sales start to fill the void, and this causes
local brick-n-mortar bicycle shops begin to go out of business.
This results in the lack of facilities to service and repair cheap disposable e-Bikes.
The consequence is that cheap e-Bikes need to be replaced even more often.

Eventually, this destabilizes the economy to the point where
On-Line e-Bike sales experience out-of-control growth,
global-warming is accellerated by the
diesel exhaust from trucks delivering e-Bikes,
civilization collapses on a global scale, and
our planet is consumed by the e-Bike Event Horizon