If you're intending to use your e-Bike
for daily commuting, lets say,
10km to and from work each day,
equals 100km/week * 50 weeks
= 5000kms/year,
the type of electric assist
you choose, is worth consideration.

There are primarily, 3 types
of electric bicycle systems.
- Mid-Drive BB Conversion
- Mid-Drive Frame Mount
- Hub-Motor Wheels

Each have their own issues and benefits.
Most electric bike motors require
maintenance every 1500+kms or so,
The motor's reduction gearbox will need
to be disassembled, inspected and greased,
just like your car's oil needing to be changed.
The battery will need to be replaced every
3-5 years or 1000+ recharge cycles,
so, finding a proprietary or integrated
replacement battery might be an additional issue.

Lots of Mid-Drive kits
Mid-Drive Frame Mounts