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The are ONLY 3 things which truly matter :

# 1 - and Most Important is, ...
     you need to be comfortable riding your bike.

Most Electric Bicycle Companies have several e-Bike models,
and each model is usually only available in a single frame size.
if the e-Bike you are considering, is too large or small,
or causes strain on your lower back or neck/shoulders,
you need to find one that fits you correctly, because,
if you're not comforable on it, you won't use it.
Other than looking for a different Electric Bike make/model,
an alternate solution is to go find a regular bicycle,
one that you like, one that fits you,
so you can sit comfortably without strain
on your wrists, neck, lower back and hips,
and, have it converted with a Crank-Mounted Mid-Drive.

# 2 - the up-hill power assist needs to be adequate
more Watts is good, but not the whole story
more Newtons or ft-lb's of torque is better
    The motor is meant to provide assistance so you can have fun,
... it's kind of disappointing to have to help the motor to help you.

# 3 - the battery needs to have enough Ah to get you home
a 17Ah ( Amp/hour ) battery will give you more RANGE than 11Ah.
While most e-bikes come with a standard 11Ah or 13aH battery,
we now have battery upgrades, up to 17Ah and 20Ah. ( currently )

# 3.1 - Charging your e-Bike can cost as little as 3 cents a day.


• Not all e-Bikes have the same options !
most Electric Bicycles provide Pedal-Assist,
some have a Throttle, some don't, and a few
employ Torque-Assist while most use simple Cadance-Assist.
Color system displays are nice, but not necessary,
Black/White displays are much better during daylight.

• The Bafang 750w BBS02 and 1000w BBS-HD,
are both crank-mounted, Mid-Drive pedal-assist systems,
with a throttle option, giving you from 3 to 9 levels
of hill climbing assist while allowing you the ability
to maximize the distance you can ride on a charge.
Most other Mid-Drives deliver only 250w, 350w or 500w.

• e-Bikes with a Frame-Integrated mid-Drive or Battery ARE NOT BICYCLES !
( they can not be re-fitted with anything but the original components )

and thus, may possibly lead to the